It all started 30 years ago...

Jeff and Terri met in Ocean Beach in San Diego, California. One morning Terri and Jeff were talking, they were discussing finances and what they were going to do to make ends meet. Terri was pregnant and they had a family on the way. Jeff at the time was working Padre Fence, installing chain link fences whenever they needed him. After some discussion, Jeff and Terri decided to place an ad in the local paper for a fence company. Over 30 years later the company is thriving and has become a very family owned and operated business. Jeff, Terri, their sons David and Matthew, daughter, Lindsey, and nephew, Marcos, all help with the day to day operations at So Cal Fence. 

David, Matthew and Marcos can be found on the job sites every day with Jeff. Terri and Lindsey help with the behind the scenes of So Cal Fence, managing emails, marketing materials and the company's online presence. 

Jeff's instagram tells the story of a family man with a love of surfing, fishing, travel, spirituality and lots of good times on the job with the So Cal Fence Team.